Karno Sound is a top end professional audio supplier based in the UK, providing the very best professional audio products, technical expertise and first class customer support for Theatre, Broadcast, Studio, Corporate, Live & Film markets. Karno Sound also provides consultancy services for all your audio & business needs, whether it be technical, RF, sales, marketing, management or more; every aspect of Karno Sound is delivered to the highest standard.

Adam Pierce
Sarah Norman
Les Mommsen
Sam North
Charlie Engleback
Ian Steele
George Ainscough
Tom Wiggans
With his main gig being Live Sound, Tom offers his crazy ideas and years of wisdom, consulting for Karno within the R&D department.
Reed Ingram
As head honcho of Ingram AV, Reed works with Karno on a logistics level, whether that be racing forklifts or prepping Sony systems.
Tim Everington
Freelancer Tim is the eye of the company. If it looks good, it's most likely Tim has been called to photograph, film, design or edit it.
Matt Norman
If you ever get a 404 error this is the man to blame. Matt freelances for Karno as well as running his own global tech team.