Miniature Digital Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

The Sony DWT-B03R micro-transmitter offers superb audio quality and stable operation in a wide range of environments. This high-performance micro transmitter is an ideal choice for live sound applications including theatre and concerts, as well as studio based TV production and ENG/EFP.

At just 53mm x 60mm x 17mm (exc. Antenna), the DWT-B03R micro transmitter is incredibly small and lightweight. It also features a tough magnesium body that’s resistant to rain, spray and sweat.

Its new OLED display make it easy to navigate through the menu and the new Li-Ion battery provides up to 7.5 hours of running time.


The Sony DWT-B03R digital wireless transmitter: Superb audio quality and stable operation in a wide range of environments

The third generation of Sony’s acclaimed DWX series, this high performance digital wireless bodypack transmitter is an ideal choice for live sound applications including theatre and concerts, as well as studio based TV production and ENG/EFP.

The DWT-B03R is available in two frequency variants:

  • DWT-B03R/H – DWX Series Gen3 Micro-transmitter 566.025MHz to 714.000 MHz (UHF-TV channels 33 to 51)
  • DWT-B03R/L – DWX Series Gen3 Micro-transmitter  470.025MHz to 614.000 MHz (UHF-TV channels 21 to 38)
  • Superb quality wireless transmission and reception​

    Sony’s years of experience in engineering audio products give us great features such as a dynamic range of more than 106db. Along with a frequency response of 20-22kHz and excellent transient response we can happily say that this is the best sounding digital system going.

  • Remote Control

    The Sony DWT-B03R is compatible with Sony Wireless Studio control software for PC (Ver 5.0 or later), allowing flexible remote operation. Remote control of up to 82 transmitters is possible using the Cross Remote™ function combined with the RMU-01 remote control unit (available separately).

  • Wide bandwidth

    Up to 148 MHz bandwidth (depending on region) enables flexible operation with wide channel selection.

The Sony DWX range uses something called Sony X-Dimension Diversity™. Combining the diversity Sony’s advanced digital technology, the diversity of multiple dimensions and lastly algorithms of high calculation accuracy gives you incredibly stable transmission stability.

An audio latency of only 1.2msec combined with high quality 96 kHz audio

To minimise the risk of interception the DWT-B03R transmits and receivers digitally encrypted and modulated data. This ensures secure reception and transition with AES 256-bit encryption.

27% smaller than its DWT-B01N predecessor

Perform for longer with the high-capacity rechargeable NP-BX1 Li-ion battery (approx. 7 hours). The DWT-B03R is compatible with the optional BC-DWX1 Dual Charger.

Ideal for large-scale productions, the DWT-B03R supports high-density simultaneous multi-channel operation: 375kHz spacing accommodates up to 21 channels per 8MHz TV band or up to 16 simultaneous channels per 6MHz TV band.

Ideal for musical, film production or outdoor operation, the DWT-B03R features a tough magnesium body with a moisture-resistant housing gasket and splash-proof connector that resists rain, sweat and spray.

*IPX4/IPX5 rating based on standard testing by Sony.

RF output power level is selectable (2mW/10mW/25mW) to prioritise stable multi-channel or long distance operation.

Strong, 3-pin connector with Locking screw gives a stable, secure connection for most industry standard microphones

Wireless InterfaceWiDIF-HP
Oscillator TypeCrystal-controlled PLL Synthesizer
Antenna Typeλ/4 flexible wire
Type of EmissionG1E or G1D
Carrier Frequencies – UCL : 470.125 MHz to 607.875 MHz, 25 kHz steps
H: 566.025 MHz to 714.000 MHz, 25 kHz steps
Carrier Frequencies – CE7L: 470.025 MHz to 614.000 MHz, 25 kHz steps
H: 566.025 MHz to 630.000 MHz, 638.025 MHz to 714.000 MHz, 25 kHz steps
Carrier Frequencies – JL: 470.150 MHz to 614.000 MHz, 25 kHz steps
MH: 566.025 MHz to 713.850 MHz, 25 kHz steps
G: 1240.150 MHz to 1251.825 MHz, 1253.175 MHz to 1259.850 MHz, 25 kHz steps
B: 806.125 MHz to 809.750 MHz, 125 kHz steps
RF Power 2 mW/10 mW/25 mW (e.r.p) selectable
Input Connector Small 3-pin connector
Reference Input LevelMIC: -60 dBV (-58 dBu), 1 kHz (at 0-dB attenuator level) / LINE: +4 dBu, 1 kHz
Maximum Input LevelMIC: -22 dBu (with 0 dB attenuator), LINE: +24 dBu
Audio Attenuator Adjustment Range 0 to 48 dB (3 dB steps, MIC input mode only)
Frequency ResponseTransmission: 20Hz to 22kHz (typical)
Dynamic Range 106 dB typical (A-weighted, T.H.D=1%)
Distortion (T.H.D)MODE1, MODE2: 0.03% or less, MODE3: 0.3% or less
Audio DelayMODE1: 0.9 msec (total: 2.8msec) /
MODE2: 0.7 msec (total: 1.2msec)/MODE3: 1.8 msec (total 3.7msec)
Wireless Remote ControlCross Remote (2.4-GHz IEEE802.15.4 compliant)
Power Requirements DC 3.6 V (with Rechargeable Battery Pack: NP-BX1)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 122°F
Storage/Transport Temperature -20°C to +60°C / -4°F to +140°F
Dimensions (W x H x D)Approx. 53 x 60 x 17 mm (60 x 60 x 17 mm with the projection parts) (excluding the antennas)
Supplied AccessoriesBelt Clip (1)
Carrying case (1)
NP-BX1 (1)
Scribble sheet (1)
CD-ROM (1)