Digital Wireless Receiver

The Sony DWR-R03D Digital Wireless Receiver is the next generation of wireless receiver featuring Sony’s superb audio quality and stable operation in a wide range of environments.

The third generation of Sony’s acclaimed DWX series, DWX3, this high performance digital wireless receiver is an ideal choice for live sound applications including theatre and concerts, as well as studio based TV production and EFP.

The two-channel 1U rack-mountable wireless receiver features Sony’s advanced digital audio processing, encryption and HD RF transmission technologies to assure secure, stable transmission and reception of very high quality audio with low latency.


The Sony DWR-R03D Receiver is the third generation of Sony’s acclaimed DWX series, a high performance digital wireless receiver that is the ideal choice for live sound applications including theatre and concerts, as well as studio based TV production and EFP.

  • Superb quality wireless transmission and reception​

    Sony’s years of experience in engineering audio products give us great features such as a dynamic range of more than 106db. Along with a frequency response of 20-22kHz and excellent transient response we can happily say that this is the best sounding digital system going.

  • Up to 21 channels per TV band

    The DWR-R03D is ideal for use in large-scale multi-channel productions, supporting up to 21 simultaneous channels per 8MHz TV band.

  • Low-latency audio

    Advanced Sony codec design reduces audio latency to as little as 1.2msec* * DWT-B03R and DWR-R03D total delay with codec mode2 and analog output

Automatic-Setup, Master-Slave and automatic frequency coordination dramatically improves setup time and overall reliability of your wireless plan. It’s compatible with Sony Wireless Studio control software for PC (v5.0 or later) and the Wireless Studio Mobile smartphone app, allowing flexible remote operation. Remote control of up to 82 transmitters using the Cross Remote™ function combined with the RMU-01 remote control unit (available separately) is also possible.

The Sony DWX range uses something called Sony X-Dimension Diversity™. Combining the diversity Sony’s advanced digital technology, the diversity of multiple dimensions and lastly algorithms of high calculation accuracy gives you incredibly stable transmission stability.

As per the 2 channel Rack receivers, the DWR-R03D utilises Sony’s excellent codec development, with 4 options to suit a wide range of scenarios.

MODE1: Audio codec mode that is compatible with first-generation DWX-series devices. 

MODE2: Audio codec mode that prioritizes short delay times while maintaining transmission stability and high audio quality. 

MODE3: Audio codec mode that uses additional signal processing to suppress noise caused by unexpected pulse interference

MODE4: Audio codec mode that prioritizes audio quality for faithful reproduction while maintaining transmission stability and low delay time

An audio latency of only 1.2msec combines with high quality 96 kHz audio (CODEC MODE2, with DWT-B03R or DWT-B30)

To minimise the risk of interception the DWR-R03D transmits and receivers digitally encrypted and modulated data. This ensures secure reception and transition with AES 256-bit encryption.

Wireless InterfaceWiDIF-HP
Oscillator TypeCrystal-controlled PLL Synthesizer
Reception TypeTrue diversity
Circuit system Double Superheterodyne
Antenna TypeDetachable
Antenna Connector 2 diversity mode: Input BNC-R, 50 Ω (x2), Cascaded Output BNC-R, 50 Ω (x2)
4 diversity mode: Input BNC-R, 50 Ω (x4)
Carrier Frequencies – UC7470.125 MHz to 607.875 MHz, 25 kHz steps
Carrier Frequencies – CEZ470.025 MHz to 714.000 MHz, 25 kHz steps
Carrier Frequencies – J W: 470.150 MHz to 713.850 MHz, 25 kHz steps
G: 638.025 MHz to 713.850 MHz, 1240.150 MHz to 1251.825 MHz, 1253.175 MHz to 1259.850 MHz, 25 kHz steps, 806.125 MHz to 809.750 MHz, 125 kHz steps
Frequency Response20Hz to 22kHz (typical)
Dynamic Range106 dB or more typical (A-weighted, T.H.D=1%)
Distortion (T.H.D)MODE1, MODE2: 0.03% or less, MODE3: 0.3% or less
Audio Delay MODE1; 1.9 msec (total: 3.1*/3.4**msec) (Analog output), 1.9 msec (total: 3.1*/3.4**msec) (Digital output)
MODE2: 0.5 msec (total: 1.2*/1.5**msec) (Analog output), 1.5 msec (total: 2.2*/2.5**msec) (Digital output)
MODE3: 1.9 msec (total: 3.7*/4.0**msec) (Analog output), 2.8 msec (total: 4.6*/4.9**msec) (Digital output)
*with DWT-B03R ** with other transmitters
Analog OutputBAL: XLR-3-32 (male) (×Main 2, Sub 2), Output level (0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms)
Main BAL: +24 dBu maximum/–58 dBu to -12 dBu (1dB step adjustable) reference
Sub BAL: +24 dBu maximum/–12 dBu reference
Digital OutputXLR-3-32 (male), 110 Ω (×2) / BNC-R, 75 Ω (×1), Reference output level: –36 dBFs
Headphone Outputφ6.3 mm (1/4 inch) stereo jack
WORD SYNC IN/OUT connectors Input connector: BNC-R with a 75 Ω termination switch, Output connector: BNC-R, External Word Sync: 32 kHz to 96 kHz
Wireless Remote ControlCross Remote (2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 compliant)
LAN Connector RJ-45 modular jack 1000BASE-T: IEEE802.3ab compliant (x 2)
DisplayOLED (x2)
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